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Helpful questions and answers about carpets and their uses. This blog has everything you need to know on taking good care of your carpet.

As a company who is genuinely interested in helping you, we gathered all the possible Frequently Asked Questions we can think of to make your life easier. No need to look around because we can provide you everything you need. Continue scrolling down, it’s worth a try!

Do carpets affect indoor air?

If you take into account that carpets collect too much dirt, dust, stains and bacteria, which are all released in the indoor air then, yes, carpets do affect the quality of the indoor air. Carpet cleaning is good for the carpets but it is the best method to ensure air purification as well. Specialists of Carpet Cleaning Costa Mesa would suggest regular cleaning, especially if you have pets. You must be patient with stain removal, too.

Can I wash my handmade rugs?

Handmade rugs need good treatment. Rug cleaning doesn't include rinsing rugs under running water because you will destroy the piles. Of course, flokati rug cleaning would include hand washing but you need to make sure the right ecofriendly products are used. Fringes should also be washed with water and vinegar. Piles should be brushed with a mixture of water and vinegar. Mostly, they will need dry cleaning and, in this case, you can use baking soda.

How long before the carpet dries out completely?

How long the carpet dries greatly depends on the ventilation, humidity, and temperature of an area. Usually, drying time can range anywhere from 8 to 24 hours, but you can quicken the pace by using fans and turning on the heating or cooling system. The season can also have an impact on the drying time.

Why bedroom carpets must be cleaned often?

If bedroom carpets are not perfectly clean, you won't sleep well. At night, you need to inhale well. Dirty floors won't let you do that. Carpet Cleaning Costa Mesa suggests frequent inspection of the carpets for signs of mold, too. You must vacuum as often as possible. Frequent carpet cleaning is even more vital if you already have allergies. It's like taking precaution measures.

Why are pet stains on the carpet considered to be so dangerous?

The problem stems from the fact that animal urine contains hydrochloric acid which damages both the dye and the fibers of the carpet. If this chemical compound is not fully removed with the appropriate treatment, it will continue to cause harm even if the stain is no longer visible. The odor that comes from pet stains can also last for a long time without proper removal.

Why should I have my carpet cleaned regularly?

Even though today's carpet fibers are engineered so that they can withstand soiling and stains much better than ever before, your carpet should be cleaned regularly even before it shows signs of soiling. If you wait until the soil and wear become apparent, the carpet fibers could already be damaged. If you're not sure, give us a call and have our technical expert take a look. We'll keep your rugs and carpets cleaned to perfection and always guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

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