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It is easy to keep carpets and other types of floor treatments clean when you follow the right advice. On this specially designed page, you will find a variety of tips in the field of carpet cleaning. The covered topics are all very important. Get started with reading right away.

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Discover useful tips in maintaining the cleanliness of your carpet. Great solutions for office carpets and ways to keep rugs for a long time! Learn how to remove paint!

Replace the vacuum HEPA filter every six months

This is necessary to ensure that it will pick up the maximum possible amount of allergens. If you change the vacuum bags very often, you may want to replace the filter with every sixth bag change instead. This will be the more effective solution.

Keep your office clean

It is important to keep offices clean since you spend most hours of the day in your working place. Rug cleaning will play a very important role since offices are usually visited by many people and we are usually careless about some coffee spills and stains we leave on carpets. Carpet cleaning will clean the indoor atmosphere and this is very important for your health according to Carpet Cleaning Costa Mesa.

How to clean paint from carpets

If you have painted your home and found paint stains on the carpet, don't worry. You need to spray solvent – nail polish remover would do - over the stain but you must be quick. You must not let the stain dry out. If it is, you can use a knife to scrap it away and then you can use the solvent. Powder talk will be the best paint stain removal. Just sprinkle some over the stain and let it stay before vacuuming.

Know the right timing

Be aware of the weather before steam carpet cleaning. Know that it will be difficult to dry your carpets if the air is humid or if it’s raining. Phase-by-phase cleaning is preferable if you really need to have your carpets cleaned as soon as possible.

Help rugs last forever

It's not surprising that some Persian rugs last for many generations and are enjoyed by families for many, many years. They are made to last for long but good rug cleaning is required according to Carpet Cleaning Costa Mesa. They must be aired at least once a year, vacuumed and cleaned with the use of the best quality ecofriendly products.

Maintaining your carpet the right way

Carpet cleaning experts over at Costa Mesa have a few suggestions regarding the matter. If you have children at home, they need to be taught how to be responsible around the carpeted area (not eating when around it for example). Also ensure that you give it a good vacuuming at least once a week. You can use a brush if you don’t own a vacuum.

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